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Using 7 QUICKBOOKS ACCOUNTANT Strategies Like the Pros.

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Long back ago, accounting was used to be the most tedious task. After the birth of QuickBooks, accounting and payroll management ahs become easier than ever. Regardless of your business module. QuickBooks has the accounting solution for all. Traditional accounting process was much time consuming and prone to errors. With QuickBooks, you can completely eliminate the traditional accounting management process with ease. Also, this software is less troublesome as compared to other accounting software present in the market.

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Inventory plays a vital role in business growth. Especially in retail business accounting, you have to maintain a crisp inventory record in order to stay organized. Outdated inventory situation might lead to discrepancy in balance sheet. To avoid this problem, you can use the automatic inventory management feature provided in QuickBooks. Getting your inventory status updated automatically help you save a lot of time and money.

Along, with that, you can run the inventory valuation report to track the latest inventory status. In the latest QuickBooks Enterprise versions, you can use the filters to view the inventory reports. That means, you can also get an idea of out of stock items and in-hand items separately.

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The purpose of writing this blog is to make you aware of the latest QuickBooks accountant strategies that can be used to get the most out of QuickBooks software. Before that, let us see some of the powerful features of QuickBooks accountant that is not found in any other QuickBooks version:

  • One-click credit transfer across the customers and clients
  • Use Accountant toolbox anywhere at anytime
  • Merge duplicate vendors easily in bulk
  • Tailor and customize your monitor as per your requirement
  • Use filters to view reports
  • Use multi-monitor support for better experience

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Browse the list of 7 QuickBooks accountant strategies:

  1. Avoid the negative inventory process:

Negative inventory situation is one of the major causes of discrepancy in business reports. This issue generally takes place when you have given full access to your employee for viewing document or entering the receipt number. To avoid this situation, set up the notice of “Amount Available”. This will warn the employee about the negative inventory situation and hence the negative inventory situation can be avoided.

To enable this feature, follow the below steps:

  • Go to Edit> Preferences
  • Select “Items and inventory”
  • Go to the company preferences

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  1. Set up permissions:

A ton of organizations gives full access to the documents and files. However, this can be avoided by setting up the authorization for each employee. To do so, follow the below steps:

  • Go to “Company”
  • Choose “Set up users’ option
  • Go to the “Job lists’ in another tab
  1. Take a frequent look at inventory report:

You should always keep an eye on the QuickBooks inventory report to know items in-hand, Purchase orders, on sales order etc. Use the filters available in the report t save the time while analysing the reports. To view inventory reports, perform the below steps:

  • Go to “Reports”
  • Choose Inventory > Inventory status
  • Search by item or vendor

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  1. Use the mobile technology for remote access:

In Accountant version of QuickBooks, mobile technology can be used to complete your task from anywhere on the go.

  1. Keep your transactions separated:

You can keep your business and personal transaction separated by making different accounts. You just need to maintain the separation while entering the transactions in QuickBooks.

  1. Bank reconciliation:

Every night, QuickBooks download the entire transaction of that day. This enables the users to match the transactions with that in your records within minutes. This avoids the long-term discrepancy in in business reports and balance sheets.

  1. Globalization:

The self-employed version of QuickBooks accountant enables the users to market their products on globally to gain popularity. This increases the sales and revenue in result.

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